• Producen ogrodzeń panelowych
  • Producen ogrodzeń panelowych
  • Producen ogrodzeń panelowych
  • Producen ogrodzeń panelowych
  • Producen ogrodzeń panelowych
  • Producen ogrodzeń panelowych
  • Producen ogrodzeń panelowych


We offer two types of fence panels: INDUSTRIAL and FORTE.

Our panel fencing systems INDUSTRIAL and FORTE are distinguished by their high durability and rigidity, as well as top quality.

They have different technical parameters enabling the optimal selection of a fence model for particular applications in order to meet our clients’ requirements.

Fence panels have a form of mats welded from vertical and horizontal bars of 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm diameter, depending on the model.  

Panele systemu INDUSTRIAL

INDUSTRIAL system panels have 2, 3 or 4 horizontal reinforcing ribs(bends).

Panele systemu FORT

In FORTE panels, this function is performed by two parallel bars of 6 mm or 8mm diameter.

The vital advantage of our fencing is an excellent anti-corrosion protection, thanks to which the fencing does not need maintenance and remains in good condition for many years.

All our products are hot-dip galvanized at a temperature of 460 °C. During this process, the phenomenon of diffusion occurs on the surface of the galvanized element, i.e. zinc and steel become one alloy layer.

Galvanizing is performed in accordance with EN ISO 1461 standard. Hot-dip galvanizing is considered to be the best method for protecting steel against atmospheric conditions.

In addition, we provide anti-corrosion protection in DUPLEX system, which consists in coating a previously prepared zinc layer with a polyester powder varnish layer applied with the use of an electrostatic method and baked at a temperature of 180 °C.

A wide variety of our fencing systems can be applied for:

-      - Production, commercial, and storage facilities

-      - Sport facilities, tennis courts, pitches

-      - Parking lots and housing estates

-      - Private estates, garden lots

-      - Military areas and facilities

An obvious complement to a fencing is a gate and wicket. We recommend double-leaf and slide gates (self-supported) filled with a panel or closed profile.

What distinguishes our company is an individual approach to our clients’ needs. Apart from standard fencing elements, we can also provide tailor-made fences and gates according to technical specifications presented by the client.

In addition to panel fencing, we also offer prefabricated fence foundations in the form of fence panel connectors (straight, corner, and final connectors) with a height of 0.2 m and 0.3 m, as well as foundation panels with different textures and with a height of 0.2 m, 0.25, and 0.3 m.

Our fences are produced from top quality materials which are made according to European standards.

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